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Jaclyn Nayar

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                his month’s feature is Jaclyn Nayar.          Jaclyn moved to South Orange in 2014with her husband, Vivek. They have two daughters, Aili (8) and Oona (5) and a mini-schnauzer, Pepper. Eight years ago she was a new mom, working at a law firm, & struggling to do both jobs well. At a get-together for local mom entrepreneurs, she met the most talented and creative women. These amazing women taught her how to build a business. Now, as a solo Trusts & Estates lawyer, Jaclyn helps families navigate some of life’s biggest challenges. She loves having the flexibility, as a business owner, to really get to know her clients. Unfortunately, 2021 was a tough year for Jaclyn’s health so she had to step away from the business. Helping others brings her joy, so focusing on herself is a struggle. Today Jaclyn is healthier and thrilled to be working with the Dream Team!


During our CBD consultation, Jackie shared with me that she has lifelong stomach and appendix issues. To reduce inflammation in her digestive system and
lower anxiety, I suggested Xula Solo Hemp CBD/CBG 1200mg Tincture. Also, I recommended NFZD Beauty Mushroom powder with CBD, plant proteins, superfoods, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens. NFZD is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to promote daily balance, a healthy gut, as well as glowing skin, hair, & nails. To reduce nausea, help with sleep, and have some elevated fun, I advised her to try Bhumi 1:1 Orange & Belgian dark chocolate bar.

    -    Jill Cohen, TheCannaBossLady. 

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It’s easy to find great wardrobe pieces for Jaclyn. She is self-assured and willing to try new styles. I was thrilled to learn that she loves vintage, and was excited to wear
a 70’s bohemian maxi dress with a  colorful floral print. Her classic, timeless beauty lends itself well to vintage dresses including the 1970s embroidered cocktail dress. Finally, she wore leather pants and a black top for a sleek, sophisticated  photograph. - Julie Greene, Retail Therapy (@retailtherapy_southorange)

Jackie’s hair is naturally striking: full, thick, and the most beautiful strawberry blonde color that radiates with natural highlights. As a busy mom and attorney, Jackie doesn’t have time to waste with complicated, hard-to-replicate daily hair routines. I maintained her length and overall style but infused it with a bit more movement with fresh layers. By leaning into her hair’s natural lift and movement, she looks fresh, vibrant, and full of life. - Yoni Kreger, YK 
Salon (

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Wardrobe Courtesy of Retail Therapy

I got to know Jackie as our new photo studio is directly under her law office space at 19 Prospect St. She’s pleasant in conversation, but I had no idea how amazing she was going to be to photograph. We played with different backdrops to compliment her wardrobe and her skin tones. For the ’70s embroidered cocktail dress, I went with a Studio54 look with lens flares and colored gels. For the ’70s maxi dress, we added my
grandmother’s fur coat from the ’70s and stepped outside to take advantage of the afternoon sun for a vintage magazine cover look. - Lee Seidenberg
Photography (

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Jaclyn sat for her Style Card Reading, and while I drew her cards, we discovered that Spring colors make her look happy, healthy, and gorgeous. She looks great in bright melon, soft green, orangey red, dark peachy pink, beige, and black. You can see all those colors in her photos as they gorgeously frame her natural, elegant beauty. She also wants to keep her elegant and flowing style while adding some artistic touches that speak to her love of art. - Kerry Cordero, Inspired Style (

You can see all those colors in her photos as they gorgeously frame her natural, elegant beauty

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It was such a joy doing makeup for Jaclyn! I started with a minimal cream foundation set with translucent powder. Some powder definition through the brows and a clear
gel brought out her naturally wonderful eyebrows. Inspired by the wardrobe for the shoot, I went with pinks and plums for the cheeks. I mixed plums, browns, and reds on the lips- to create a custom color. I used rose gold on the eyes and lightly added deeper shades of color for other looks. - Brianna Chin, Makeup artist 

She’s pleasant in conversation, but I had no idea how amazing she was going to be to photograph.

The Dream Team


Jill Cohen - TheCannaBossLady

Kerry Cordero - Inspired Style

Julie Perlow-Greene - Retail Therapy

Brianna Chin - Makeup

Yoni Kreger - YK Salon

Lee Seidenberg - Lee Seidenberg Photography

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